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  • New! Cotton pads +20% free

    TM Siela presents cosmetic cotton pads with new quality - without stitching. You get the high quality for more accessible price! There are Cotton pads 80 pсs. + 20% and 100 pcs. + 20% Cotton pads in ...

  • NEW! Baby cotton buds

    Taking care of your kids TM Siela presents a novelty — baby cotton buds. They will help to clean the baby's skin quickly and carefully. The cotton buds are made of 100% high quality cotton.

  • NEW! Balm for feet

    TM Siela offers new line of balms with the natural formula that can be used daily.

  • Baby cream TM Siela

    Specially selected natural extracts, vitamins and oils make the cream able to moisturize, soothe and nourish the skin of the child. The cream is quickly absorbed, contains no synthetic dyes.

  • Hand Cream TM Siela

    Cream for hands and nails TM Siela — this gentle and light natural cream contains any acrylic thickeners, quickly absorbed, contains no alcohol. Great focus on the beauty of your hands.